Astorga ciudad

Astorga is located in the Spanish Province of León.

Thanks to all its merits through history, Astorga has the title of “Ciudad Muy Noble, Leal, Benemérita, Magnífica y Augusta” (Very Noble, Loyal, Praiseworthy, Marnificent and August City). Astorga is a historical city which was once an important Roman enclave. It is also a key point in the St James’ Way.

The small sponge cakes called “Mantecadas” are Astorga’s most characteristic gastronomical offering although excellent puff pastries and sweet chocolates are also produced here. The elaboration of the “Mantecadas” and other delicacies is based in tradition from many years ago, and we maintain this heritage at “El Arriero Maragato”.

Monumental Astorga

Monumental Astorga

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