Astorga’s tablets

Weight: 80 gr

· Black ASTORGA’s chocolate: cocoa, sugar, lecitine, emulsifier, natural vanila’s aroma.
EAN 8429775020037

· White ASTORGA’s chocolate: cocoa’s butter, sugar, milk’s solids, powdered milk, lecitine, natural vanila’s aroma.
EAN 8429775020051

· ASTORGA’s chocolate whith milk: cocoa’s butter, sugar, emulsifier, powdered milk, cocoa’s paste, lecitine, natural vanilla’s aroma.
EAN 8429775020044

· ASTORGA’s chocolate with orange: cocoa’s butter, sugar, powdered full-cream milk, dehydrated natural orange juice, emulsifier, lecitine, natural vanila’s aroma and colourant.
EAN 8429775020068

· FUSION ASTORGA’s chocolate with cured meat (cecina de Astorga): cocoa, sugar, emulsifier, lecitine, vanilla, cured Astorga’s meat.
EAN 8429775020075

Tablets of chocolate Astorga

Tablets of chocolate Astorga

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